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How to Brew the Perfect Cup of Tea

The Perfect Cup of Tea

Let’s go over the recipe for creating the perfect cup of tea.  Shouldn’t it be obvious, you take the hot water and add it to the tea…boom done?  It couldn’t be any easier, lets tackle something truly difficult like making toast!  But seriously let’s take a closer look at our recipe and take a deeper dive:

  1. Bring filtered or freshly drawn water to a rolling boil. This should go without saying, but the better the quality water you are using the better the results.  I typically use the water that is filtered by my refrigerator, but I’ve also used the water from the tap to brew tea.
  2. Place 1 teabag for 7.9 oz (200-260 ml) of fluid volume in teapot. Here we add the tea to either the teapot or cup first.  (it’s a common mistake to add the boiling water to the cup and then add your tea).  Conveniently, you can add our (2) gram biodegradable tea bags to your cup or teapot. Find 9 new flavors here:
  3. Pour the boiling water into the teapot or cup. Unless your instructions state to use a different temperature of water, the general rule of thumb is the hotter the water the better.
  4. Cover and let steep for 3-7 minutes according to taste. The longer you let the tea steep the stronger it will taste.  5 minutes is usually perfect.
  5. Remove tea bag(s) and pour hot tea into cups. Now you can remove your tea material from your teapot or cup and starting enjoying your perfect cup of tea!

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