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What Are Pyramid Tea Bags?

Pyramid Tea Bag - Woven

Introducing our "Pyramid Tea Bags": The Perfect Brewing Experience

When it comes to tea, our pyramid-shaped tea bags are the pinnacle of perfection. Crafted from a plant-based material called PLA (Polylactic Acid), derived from the starches of corn, sugar cane, and cassava, these tea bags embody both sustainability and quality.

The unique pyramid shape of our tea bags offers a multitude of benefits. Its design allows ample space for the tea leaves to unfurl and infuse, ensuring a rich and flavorful steeping experience. With each cup, you can expect consistent and delicious results, as the portioning within every tea bag is carefully measured for your convenience.

What sets our tea bags apart is the innovative sealing process. Through the use of ultrasonic vibrations, we achieve airtight seals without relying on heat, plastic, or glue. This ensures that your tea remains pure and free from any unwanted additives, allowing the natural flavors to flourish.

Embracing our commitment to sustainability, our tea bags are 100% Industrial or Commercially Compostable. After you've enjoyed your cup of tea, you can rest assured knowing that the tea bag can be disposed of responsibly, returning to the earth without leaving a lasting impact.

In addition to our standard pyramid tea bags, we also offer non-woven options. These tea bags are crafted from tightly woven, opaque materials, making them ideal for finely cut tea leaves. Similar to the process of paper-making, plant fibers are transformed into a durable material, which is then carefully dried and wound. While these tea bags don't feature a string or tag, they provide a cost-effective solution without compromising on quality.

Join us on a journey where sustainability meets exquisite taste. Experience the blissful infusion of flavors with our "Pyramid Tea Bags" and elevate your tea-drinking moments to new heights.

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