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The Quest for Six Stars Continues

Maybe my 1.5 years of house arrest is getting to me, but yesterday I entered the London Marathon lottery for Oct, 2nd 2022.   Currently, there are six major marathons that runners dream of completing and receiving their 6 stars.  You have to be incredibly lucky and wealthy to accomplish this extraordinary feat.  I spent 10 years running in my life and achieved 3 stars at New York, Berlin, and Chicago.  (I have finished Boston, but as a bandit, so it doesn't count)  After Chicago, I went in to retirement and now 10 more years later, my thirst for running is back and my quest continues to London, Tokyo, and back to Boston.  Less than 12K runners have ever achieved 3 stars or more, I'm already in rare air in the HOF, but I need another star!  I really hope that I win the London lottery, keeping my fingers crossed.   

Good Luck!

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