What is Earl Grey Tea?


You've heard the phrase "that's like comparing apples and oranges" right?  Well, we'd like to propose a new one: "that's like comparing Earl Grey tea with OUR Earl Grey tea".  If that sounds boastful, that's because it is.

In fact, comparing our high grown, seasonally harvested and handcrafted "Cream Earl Grey" with say, a supermarket variety Earl Grey tea is like comparing an old jalopy with a Bugatti...  tired old workhorse with a Kentucky Derby Winner...a fast food burger with a Kobe steak...a...you get the picture.

What makes this Earl Grey tea stand miles above the rest?  The secret lies in the fact that we never use flavoring oils to mask poor quality teas.  Rather, we select a premium blend of black teas hand harvested from some of Ceylon's premier gardens.  To this we add 100% all natural flavoring oils (in this case, oil of bergamot)  and roll it all in stainless steel drums until each leaf is thoroughly saturated and coated in luscious flavor.

Each teabag offers a brisk energizing cup with astringent notes and lush, aromatic tones of citrus.  An amazing tea served hot, or poured over ice with a splash of milk and liquid sweetener  The results, we're sure you'll agree, are outstanding!

Cream Earl Grey tea is available here: https://perfectbodytea.com/products/cream-earl-grey

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