What is Maple Tea?

Love the flavor of Maple?  Who doesn't?  If we had our way this Northern delicacy would be spelled Mmmmmaple!  Created from sap harvested from the mighty Sugar Maple tree, Maple season begins when winter's cold weather gives way to the warmer winds of spring.

Speaking of wind, according to Maple folklore, the direction it blows during harvest season can mean the difference between boom and bust.  A traditional maple harvest poem explains:

When the wind's in the west

The sap runs the best

When the wind's in the north

The sap runs forth

When the wind's in the south

the sap runs drought

When the wind's in the east 

Sap runs least

Who knew?  Well, we're pretty sure that when the real maple syrup we add to our black tea was harvested, the wind was pushing firmly from the West.  (When you start with a base tea as premium as we do, only the finest will do!)

We hope you'll fall as deeply in love with this scintillating Maple blend as we did the first time we taste-tested it.  Mmmmmaple!

Maple Tea is available here: https://perfectbodytea.com/products/maple


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