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What is Maple Tea?


Indulge in the Irresistible Flavor of Maple: Discover Our Maple Tea

Who can resist the delightful taste of maple? We certainly can't! In our opinion, this northern delicacy should be spelled as Mmmmmaple, perfectly capturing the essence of its delectable flavor. Crafted from the sap of mighty Sugar Maple trees, maple season begins as winter relinquishes its hold and the warmer winds of spring take over.

Interestingly, according to maple folklore, the direction of the wind during harvest season can make all the difference. A traditional maple harvest poem sheds light on this belief:

"When the wind's in the west, The sap runs the best. When the wind's in the north, The sap runs forth. When the wind's in the south, The sap runs drought. When the wind's in the east, Sap runs least."

Who would have thought? We're quite confident that when the real maple syrup we add to our black tea was harvested, the wind was blowing steadfastly from the west. (And when you start with a premium base tea like ours, only the finest ingredients will do!)

We sincerely hope that you fall head over heels for this captivating Maple blend, just as we did during our initial taste-testing sessions. The delightful marriage of rich maple and carefully selected tea leaves is sure to leave an indelible impression. Mmmmmaple!

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Savor the enticing flavor of Maple Tea and let its warm, comforting notes transport you to a blissful state of tea-infused contentment.

Cheers to the enchantment of Maple!

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