What is Rooibos Tea?

The story of "Rooibos Tea" starts around the turn of the century in South Africa's beautiful Cedarberg region.  It was the locals of the are who first discovered that the fine needle like leaves of the wild "Aspalathus Linearis" plant made a tasty aromatic tea.  It was they who first harvested the plants, chopped them with axes and bruised them with hammers leaving them to ferment before drying in the sun.  "Rooibos Tea" is a herb that contains no caffeine.  Those that have consumed it have noticed a soothing effect on headaches, disturbed sleeping patterns and digestive problems.    Rooibos seeds are planted during February and March.  they are tended for 18 months after which they are harvested.  Cut "Rooibos Tea" is bound and milled to a uniform length then bruised between rollers to trigger the fermentation process, which results in the characteristic flavor and sweet aroma.

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