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What is Spiced Chai Tea?

Spiced Chai tea holds a special place in the hearts and taste buds of many in India. A popular saying in the country loosely translates to "Spiced Chai...the tea that eats like a meal," and in certain regions, it rings true. Traditional Indian chai is a delightful blend of spices and tea, with recipes passed down through generations, akin to how Westerners cherish their grandmother's apple pie recipe.

The process of brewing chai in India is a labor of love. Milk is brought to a boil, and then good, thick black tea is added along with an array of aromatic spices. The mixture is boiled once again, resulting in a rich, indulgent concoction that is thick, spicy, and incredibly flavorful. Fortunately, in India, you can find freshly brewed spicy chai almost everywhere. Chai Wallahs, the chai-sellers, set up their stalls by the roadside, at train stations, and in various other locations. The tea is served in small clay cups known as chullarhs, which are joyfully smashed on the ground once the tea is savored.

Our Master taster has had the privilege of sampling hundreds of chai variations, served from Bombay to Darjeeling. Amidst these delightful experiences, there is one that stands above the rest. Located just outside the Guwahati airport in Assam, there is a cab-stand tucked behind a local shrine. Many years ago, while waiting for a flight back to Calcutta, our taster was offered a cup of chai by the local Wallah. The blend of pepper, cinnamon, cardamom, and other spices in that cup quite literally blew her mind. It was this unforgettable encounter that became the inspiration behind our rendition of Indian Spice Chai.

Our version of Spiced Chai tea aims to capture the essence of that extraordinary cup. We carefully blend the finest tea leaves with a medley of hand-selected spices, ensuring a harmonious balance of flavors. Each sip takes you on a journey of warmth and aromatic delight, reminiscent of that transformative moment at the Guwahati airport. We invite you to experience the captivating allure of our Indian Spice Chai and embark on a flavorful adventure of your own.

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