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Whispers of Tea

Flowering Tea

In a realm where calmness takes its flight, Where warmth and comfort intertwine, A fragrant elixir emerges, a delight, Tea, a potion that whispers, "you're mine."

In a porcelain vessel, its magic unfurls, Leaves unfurl, dancing with grace, Infusing the water, a dance of swirls, A symphony of flavors, a soothing embrace.

With each sip, tranquility fills the air, Whispers of jasmine, whispers of mint, The world slows down, free from despair, As tea rejuvenates, body and spirit.

From verdant meadows to distant shores, A journey in each tea leaf unfurled, Aromatic tales that the heart explores, A blend of cultures, a global world.

Gathered in moments, shared with a friend, Tea sparks conversations, bridges gaps, A cup that mends, a moment to lend, A timeless ritual, where time gently naps.

So let us raise our cups with delight, To the essence of tea, a gift so divine, A symphony of flavors, a tranquil sight, A sip of serenity, a moment, truly sublime.

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