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Key information:

Garcinia Bliss loose leaf is a specially developed metabolism enhancing green tea.

Our tea blend is a mix of natural health and weight loss ingredients. The ingredients have been hand selected for those wanting to live in the moment. Being healthy is a way of life, which is something our product strives to achieve. There is no laxative effect in this tea. 

While you get hot and steamy over a cuppa, our boutique offering may do the following for you:

  • suppress appetite
  • lower daily calorie intake
  • increase metabolism
  • reduce bloating
  • reduce blood pressure
  • detoxify and cleanse the body and mind
  • improve your beauty sleep (not that you need it)

The best part of drinking the our tea blend is that you do not need to flip you life upside down overnight. Nor do you need to severely restrict your calorie intake. Although here at  Perfect Body Tea we do realise this isn't as easy as clicking your fingers. To assist you with integrating healthy foods, exercise and a well deserved tea break into your day, we have prepared a free food guide. Have a browse of our Lifestyle section for more information.

Most of our customers continue to use this product as part of a healthy way of life. We hope you do too.

 Each 14 day pack includes:

  • 14 days supply (28 tablespoons) of loose-leaf tea.


Garcinia loose leaf:

Sencha green tea, coconut tea, garcinia cambogia, yerba mate, goji berries, panax ginseng flowers, lemongrass, celery seeds and acai powder.

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